Cuts of venison

Venison is the meat of a deer, and it can be divided into different cuts that vary in quality, texture, and flavor. Some of the most popular cuts of venison are the loin or backstrap, the tenderloin, the eye-of-round, the tri-tip, and the brisket. Each cut has its own characteristics and cooking methods, and knowing how to use them can enhance your venison dishes and recipes.

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Cut Sheet

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Cuts Of Meat
Minute SteakHamburger (W/Pork or Beef)
Loins WholeLoose Seasoned Sausage
Loins HalfBreakfast • Sweet • Hot
Loins 1/3rdsSmoked hinds
Cuts Of Meat
SteaksRoastMinute SteakHamburger (W/Pork or Beef)Loins WholeLoose Seasoned SausageLoins HalfBreakfast • Sweet • HotLoins 1/3rdsSmoked hinds
Smoked itemsAvailable
KielbasaPlain Hot Dogs
Cheese KielbasaCheese Hot Dogs
Jalapeno & Cheese KielbasaJalapeno & Cheese Sticks
Jalapeno & Cheese Hot DogsRed hots
Cheese SticksRed hots w/ cheese
Snack SticksSalami
Venison BaconSummer Sausage
Smoked items
KielbasaCheese KielbasaJalapeno & Cheese KielbasaJalapeno & Cheese Hot DogsCheese SticksSnack SticksVenison Bacon
Plain Hot DogsCheese Hot DogsJalapeno & Cheese SticksRed hotsRed hots w/ cheeseSalamiSummer Sausage