Cuts of Beef

Beef is one of the most versatile and popular meats, and it can be divided into different cuts that have different characteristics and uses. The beef carcass is first split into eight primal cuts, which are the large sections of meat that are separated from the bones. These primal cuts are then further trimmed and portioned into subprimal cuts, which are the smaller and more manageable pieces of meat that are sold to consumers or food service.

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Cut Sheet

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Available Beef Cuts
Ribeye SteaksLondon Broil
T-Bone SteaksTop Round Roast
Top Sirloin SteakRump Roast
Tip Roast or SteaksChuck Roast
Eye Roast or SteaksBrisket
Flat iron SteaksStew Meats
Chuck Tender SteaksShort Ribs
Flank SteakHamburger patties
Skirt SteakMisc
Minute SteaksLiver • Heart • Tongue
Available Beef Cuts
Ribeye SteaksLondon BroilT-Bone SteaksTop Round RoastTop Sirloin SteakRump RoastTip Roast or SteaksChuck RoastEye Roast or SteaksBrisketFlat iron SteaksStew MeatsChuck Tender SteaksShort RibsFlank SteakHamburger pattiesSkirt SteakMinute SteaksMiscLiver • Heart • Tongue