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Naugle’s Custom Butchering and Deer Processing Inc, opened in 1986, processing deer, beef, and pigs. We offer a wide variety of deer, beef, and pork processing services, including skinning, cutting, vacuum packing, freezing, curing, and smoking. Pick up of beef and pigs can also be arranged.

We also take bulk deboned venison meat for our specialty items.

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Upon entering our facility during deer season, you will be checked in by filling out an order form with the desired cut you would like. You are then given half of our numbering system ticket. The other half you will attach to your actual deer. Your deer is immediately skinned, and that same number stays with your deer. The deer is then placed immediately in our cooler. When the deer reaches our butchering area, your number is verified against the order form you filled out, and your deer is then custom cut to your specifications. The meat is then vacuum packed, placed in a box, with your ticket number, and placed immediately into one of our walk in freezers. This process insures you are given back your actual deer. At all times, the deer is kept under refrigeration and then frozen after processing.